Friday, July 19, 2013


We made it a decade!
Not that I didn’t think we’d make it, no doubts here.
But wow a decade that’s a long time yet as everything does, it went by in a flash.  
It’s been an amazing 10 years.
It’s been far from perfect.
It’s been quite the marathon, but I’m so glad he’s running it with me.
We're figuring out this parenting thing out together.
The juggle of work, kids and time for each other is difficult to balance.
I’m guilty of not carving out more time dedicated to my main squeeze.
I’m working on it.  Once I have my passport in hand we are out of here, we’re gone like the wind on a real vacation…no kiddos to feed, no kiddos to entertain, just me and my man and I can’t wait.

Sometimes when I look at Danny I really am amazed at how lucky I am.  Let’s face it I picked some winners in the past but really I hit the jackpot with this guy.  He works hard, he’s patient, he’s talented, he's an amazing father, coach and friend.  Oh and he’s easy on the eyes, uh those blue eyes, and talk about a handy the guy can fix just about anything.  He can mow the yard and edge it like no bodies business – you’ve never seen such a perfectionist.  He’s pretty hard on me, but I know it’s to challenge me to be better.  I love how simple he is, I strive to be more simple.  As crazy as it may sound, I just know that God had a hand in us meeting, granted we met in a bar, but even in that dark corner of that random bar neither of us had ever been, he crossed our paths purposefully and we both searching for the other piece of our heart.  He claims I hit on him first, I claim he eyed me...whatever he got my digits and the rest is history :).    

He's my fireworks, he's my asiago cheese bagel, he's my sweet tea with lemon, he's my everything.  

Here's to the next decade!

So thankful how far these 10 years have brought us and the love that continues to grow!  And even more thankful for the little family we made.

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